BABBCO Tunnel Ovens

Custom-Designed Ovens

At BABBCO, there’s no such thing as a “standard” industrial tunnel oven. With your input, we design every one from scratch. The result is an industrial tunnel oven that meets your specific production goals, and optimizes product quality and space.

Babbco Direct-Fired tunnel oven

Direct-Fired Tunnel Ovens

BABBCO Direct-Fired Tunnel Ovens are perfect for food products baked at high temperatures of 900°F and above. They feature ribbon burners and variable-velocity air turbulence to achieve precise temperature and humidity control for even baking. With multiple zone control and independent top and bottom heat, our direct-fired ovens are effective for producing a full menu of traditional baked goods such as breads and rolls, bagels and flatbreads.
Babbco Indirect-Fired tunnel oven

Indirect-Fired Tunnel Ovens

BABBCO Indirect-Fired Tunnel Ovens use variable speed, high-volume fans to circulate heated air through ducts above and below the conveyor belt, delivering consistent radiant heat to baked food items. Multiple zones, independent top and bottom heat, and precise temperature and humidity controls help maximize product quality and consistency.

Babbco Air-Impingement tunnel oven

Air Impingement Tunnel Ovens

The BABBCO Air Impingement Tunnel Oven is built with high-volume, variable speed circulation fans that deliver heated air to product zones via adjustable, top and bottom air distribution ducts. With its advanced re-circulated air heating system, it delivers unsurpassed energy efficiency while dramatically lowering operating costs and emissions. Other advantages include reduced baking times and exceptional control over the finished appearance, color and moisture content of your food products.

Babbco Infrared Tunnel Oven

Infrared Tunnel Ovens

The BABBCO Infrared Tunnel Oven can be a perfect fit for many baked products by delivering consistent, infrared radiant heat across a permeable surface medium. It produces excellent results across a variety of food products and high-temperature applications; and is especially effective for surface browning, drying and melting product toppings.

Babbco Radiant-Tube tunnel oven

Radiant-Tube Tunnel Ovens

Radiant-tube burners are remarkably effective in high-intensity steam applications, often as a component of a custom hybrid tunnel oven. They use technology that’s unique to the BABBCO hybrid oven—applying heat indirectly or semi-indirectly with radiant-tube burners while introducing steam via stainless steel lances positioned above the conveyor belt.
Babbco Thermal Oil Tunnel Oven

Thermal-Oil Tunnel Ovens

For products that require baking with radiant heat in static air environment, the BABBCO thermal-oil tunnel oven is the optimum choice. It heats oil to the necessary temperature and circulates it through pipes surrounding the oven chamber. This generates a soft radiant heat, evenly balanced across the width of the oven without turbulent air movement.

Babbco Electric Tunnel Oven

Electric Tunnel Ovens

A BABBCO Electric Tunnel Oven is the perfect alternative when access to natural gas, propane or fuel oil is not readily available. Our electric ovens feature durable, incoloy elements and regulate heat with a precise SCR controller. They are simple to operate and maintain. No gas piping or venting is needed. You can also use electricity to heat transfer conveyors and for products requiring browning or melting cheese.

Babbco Dual Fuel Tunnel Oven

Dual-Fuel Tunnel Ovens

BABBCO Dual-Fuel Tunnel Ovens minimize downtime and product waste in regions of the world where utility performance is inconsistent. Featuring two independent heating systems (for example, electric and fuel oil), they provide an alternative energy source when the other source is unavailable. Because changeover times are so quick, bakers avoid prolonged disruptions in productivity, even when plant utilities are unreliable.

Babbco Hybrid Tunnel Oven

Hybrid Tunnel Ovens

To bakers that need to mix and match heating technologies, the BABBCO Hybrid Tunnel Oven is the perfect solution. It gives you the benefit of using two or more heating methods in a single oven—including direct, indirect, air impingement, infrared, radiant-tube, thermal-oil and electric. This gives you supreme control during every phase of baking to optimize the quality of your products.

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