Line Components

Final Proofers

BABBCO Custom Proofers address a variety of specialized product, throughput and space requirements. We offer a full line of durable, state-of-the-art, PLC-controlled proofers including continuous and batch-type with environmental enclosures. All BABBCO proofers are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, sheet metal and tubular construction. They enable faster, more thorough washdowns and offer a vast choice of proofing times with variable speed drives and multiple entry points

Impingement Air Coolers

BABBCO Impingement Air Coolers are the preferred, cost-effective way to cool products and reduce workload for spiral freezers. Our coolers support a wide variety of bakery products and are custom-built to your specifications.

Babbco Tunnel Ovens Conveyors

Loading and Unloading Conveyors

BABBCO Custom Loading and Unloading Conveyors give you unrivaled flexibility to produce a variety of bakery products at different speeds. With seamless product transfers, our custom conveyors for pan- and hearth-baked foods improve efficiency and keep production moving.

Babbco Tunnel Ovens Bagel Boiler

Bagel Boilers

The BABBCO Custom Bagel Boiling System boosts production efficiencies by giving you flexible control over boiling speeds and temperatures. Bagels are transported though a submergible- or waterfall-type boiling system at a preset time and temperature. Uniformly shaped products emerge in proper formation, indexed and ready for loading into the oven.

Babbco Tunnel Ovens Seeding Stations

Seeding Stations

The BABBCO Custom Seeding Station can be mounted to your tunnel oven-loading conveyor to add seeds to bakery products. It applies ingredients across the entire width of your oven loader belt to ensure product consistency.

Infrared Melters

BABBCO Infrared Melters automate the melting of cheese and other toppings on a full range of products. As sanitation requirements escalate, more and more BABBCO customers are choosing infrared melters designed with our USDA stainless steel washdown construction including automatic belt washing system.

Peel Board Unloaders

BABBCO Custom Peel Board Unloaders enable you to seamlessly transfer products from peel boards to conveyor belts or oven hearths. A traveling wing with a wire-mesh belt and small-diameter nose bar picks product off peel boards and places it directly on the oven hearth or downstream conveyor.

The Latest in Tunnel Oven Technology

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