Case Studies

Babbco tunnel oven wide view

Pie Line Oven Replacement

A large pie manufacturer contacted us about a serious issue they were having with an existing European convection oven. The oven was only a few years old and it was not meeting the production capacities promised by the supplier. To make matters worse, the mild steel oven construction and the limited access to the oven

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Babbco tunnel oven front view

Muffin Line Oven Replacement

A new customer contacted BABBCO with a challenge. The challenge was to increase their production capacity by 20% to 30% without increasing the size of their existing oven footprint. The customer wanted to replace an existing European convection oven with a new tunnel oven to increase their production capacity. Unfortunately, there was no additional space

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Babbco tunnel oven

Bagel Line Oven Replacement

A long-time BABBCO customer contacted us about an inefficient bagel line at one of their facilities. The existing bagel oven was over 30 years old and was the cause of a lot of downtime and product waste. The original supplier of the oven was no longer in business and they were contacting us for advice

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The Latest in Tunnel Oven Technology

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