The Latest in Tunnel Oven Technology

BABBCO brings the world’s finest custom tunnel ovens to bakeries around the world—from small, wholesale bakeries to the biggest, most widely known names in food. We design and build 8 types of precision-engineered tunnel ovens and a full range of custom conveyors—all from our state-of-the-art manufacturing headquarters located near Boston, Massachusetts.

Custom Craftsmanship; Constant Quality & Support

There is no such thing as a standard oven at BABBCO. Each tunnel oven we deliver is custom-crafted to serve your distinct baking and production needs. Our pristine, commercial-grade Innovation Center is top-of-the-line, enabling you to thoroughly test a BABBCO tunnel oven before making a commitment.

We’ve been at this since 1918. Yet we still operate as pioneers—always exploring new, innovative baking methods and investing in technologies to fine-tune baking quality, improve oven capacity and uptime, and minimize our impact on the environment. Over 100 years since opening shop, our focus on timely personalized service is stronger than ever. That goes for wherever there’s a BABBCO tunnel oven, anywhere in the world.

Because no single baking technique is ideal for all products, BABBCO offers all major types of industrial tunnel ovens, which we design using a variety of fuels including natural gas, propane, oil and electricity. We build all our ovens with a modular design. This makes them simple to configure, build, install and even modify based on your unique requirements—much more so than conventionally built equipment from other manufacturers.

Types of Tunnel Ovens We offer

Custom Ovens

At BABBCO, there’s no such thing as a “standard” industrial tunnel oven. With your input, we design every one from scratch.

Direct Fired

BABBCO Direct-Fired Tunnel Ovens are perfect for food products baked at high temperatures of 900°F and above.

Indirect Fired

BABBCO Indirect-Fired Tunnel Ovens use variable speed, high-volume fans to deliver radiant to the product through ducts above and below the conveyor belt.

Air Impingement

The BABBCO Air Impingement Tunnel Oven is built with high-volume, variable speed circulation fans that deliver heated air via adjustable, top and bottom distribution ducts.


The BABBCO Infrared Tunnel Oven can be a perfect fit for many baked products by delivering consistent, infrared radiant heat across a permeable surface medium.


Radiant-tube burners are remarkably effective in high-intensity steam applications, often as a component of a custom hybrid tunnel oven.


For products that require baking with radiant heat in static air environment, the BABBCO thermal-oil tunnel oven is the optimum choice.


A BABBCO Electric Tunnel Oven is the perfect alternative when access to natural gas, propane or fuel oil is not readily available.


BABBCO Dual-Fuel Tunnel Ovens minimize downtime and product waste in regions of the world where utility performance is inconsistent.


To bakers that need to mix and match heating technologies, the BABBCO Hybrid Tunnel Oven is the perfect solution.

For over 100 years, BABBCO has stood for exceptional quality, innovation and design.

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