BABBCO Tunnel Oven Features

USDA Washdown Construction

As sanitation requirements escalate, more and more BABBCO customers are choosing tunnel ovens designed with our USDA washdown construction. Ovens with this option offer multiple, full-sized oven access doors for easy cleaning and maintenance. They feature a full-seam welded 304 stainless steel washdown interior with sloped oven floors and captured drains to enable pressure washing.

Babbco Tunnel Ovens CIP & Belt Washing System

CIP & Belt-Washing System

The BABBCO Clean-In-Place (CIP) cleaning and belt-washing system can satisfy even your most demanding cleaning requirements. It purges your oven of debris with custom spray devices and a mix of heated water, detergents and caustic solutions. The BABBCO CIP takes your oven through a four-stage cleaning cycle that includes a pre-rinse, chemical wash, chemical rinse and final rinse. If your needs are highly specialized, we can customize your cleaning system with solutions that range from manual, pressure-washing to fully-automated systems with fluid collection and recirculation.

Steam Injection and Humidity Control

Controlling humidity reduces baking time, prevents drying and cracking and improves the quality, color and surface texture of baked goods. To give customers these results, we offer a steam injection system that controls moisture levels in the bake chamber as an option in all BABBCO custom tunnel ovens.

Independent Steam Section

An independent steam section with steam conditioning tank can be built into your BABBCO Tunnel Oven to apply direct steam to the top surface of your products through a series of 316 stainless steel lances located above the conveyor belt. An independent steam section gives you precise control over steam and temperature in a variety of ways

VFD-Controlled Exhaust

Energy efficiency and cost reduction are priorities for BABBCO customers. To help you achieve both, we offer the option to include a customized exhaust system with any of our tunnel ovens. Controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD), the system optimizes energy efficiency by helping you closely regulate internal moisture and humidity levels. You can also program your oven's PLC control system with recipes that default to pre-determined settings.

Babbco Tunnel Ovens Conveyor Belt Options

Conveyor Belt Options

The right baking surface can make a big difference in product quality. BABBCO offers a full range of belting options to ensure that the conveyor system of your tunnel oven is the best match for your products.

PLC Management System

Our state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Management System offers a full set of flexible data collection capabilities that give you a better understanding of operations while simplifying management. It helps you maximize productivity and reduce costs

Babbco Tunnel Ovens Vision System

Vision System

The BABBCO advanced Vision System features a specialized camera that allows you to constantly monitor product size, shape, and color during baking. It's an effective way to ensure quality, by verifying that your production line consistently produces product according to your precise specifications.

Gas Usage Tracking

If cost control is a priority at your bakery, you can design your BABBCO Tunnel Oven with a gas meter that gives you constant usage feedback through the PLC Management System. The PLC tracks and records gas usage over the life of your oven; and it displays the information on your operator screen for convenient monitoring. With flexible customization capabilities, you can format the PLC to track gas usage based on your preferred monitoring requirements—whether it's per day, per month, per year or even per product type.

Babbco tunnel oven fire protection system

Fire Protection Systems

A water mist fire protection system can be provided with your BABBCO tunnel oven. With this system a water mist penetrates the fire and blocks the radiant heat to help extinguish the fire. CO2 systems are also available.

The Latest in Tunnel Oven Technology

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