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Where The Best Bakery Tunnel Ovens Take Shape

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our over 100-year history, it’s that customers get the best results when the oven design process is collaborative. That’s why our experts work closely with your engineering and R&D team from start to finish, to custom-build a bakery tunnel oven that fully satisfies your unique requirements.

The process starts in our 15,000 square foot Innovation Center—a pristine, commercial-grade lab where you get free reign to:

  • Test products on multiple types of BABBCO tunnel ovens including our 24-foot-long direct-fired ribbon burner oven (with turbulator system); 40-foot-long air impingement oven (with independent steam section and steam injection systems) and more
  • Use our high-velocity impingement air test cooler to assess how accelerated cooling methods can improve product quality and increase throughput
  • Observe the ease and precision by which BABBCO bakery tunnel ovens are operated, cleaned and maintained
  • Refine baking and drying processes, establish product-specific bake times and oven settings, confirm product quality and throughput prior to purchase and installation
  • Determine the exact oven size to maximize capacity, efficiency and floor space
  • As a customer, use our lab anytime to test new products on BABBCO industrial ovens
All of this gives us a precise blueprint for custom-building a bakery tunnel oven that exceeds your expectations. And it gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’ve made a smart decision that will deliver great results for years to come.
Babbco Tunnel Ovens Make-Up Area

Make-Up Area

Babbco Tunnel Ovens Research & Development

R&D Lab

A Research Environment For Your Peace Of Mind

The BABBCO Test Bakery is fully-equipped with the equipment, technology and resources you need to rest assured you’ve made the right choice!


  • Baking processes
  • Oven technologies
  • Product bake times
  • Oven settings


  • Oven size
  • Oven style
  • Number of zones
  • Airflow
  • Humidity control


  • Oven capacity
  • Floor space
  • Production throughput
  • Product quality
  • Cost savings
  • Peace of mind!

The Latest in Tunnel Oven Technology

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