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Fabrication Area

Manufacturing Your Custom Industrial Baking Oven

BABBCO has oven manufacturing down to a science. And we should, when you consider we’ve been building high-end industrial baking ovens for over 100 years.

We design and manufacture at our modern, 75,000 square foot facility outside Boston, Massachusetts. The process starts with your approval of a final oven design that details all required specifications, which BABBCO engineers transmit over network to our manufacturing team.

A Foundation For Success

BABBCO takes stringent steps to ensure that your custom, industrial baking oven is built exactly to your specifications and is easy to install and support, including:

  • Using only the latest, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to control machine tools
  • Precision cutting and fabricating all parts to close tolerances with multiple 4000-watt laser systems with automatic load and unloader towers, 240-ton press brakes, CNC lathes and vertical milling machines
  • Permanently archiving all parts and processes for ongoing reference
  • Providing digital files of all equipment and installation drawings
  • Giving you a spare parts list with vendor part numbers so you have the flexibility to purchase parts from BABBCO or direct from a local supplier—a big convenience if you ever need service down the road

Precision Fabrication

Assembly Area

Automation with accuracy & Precision

Because we automate much of our process, BABBCO keeps manufacturing moving at a fast pace and maintains a high degree of accuracy. As your project nears completion, we bring in our skilled, experienced craftsman to meticulously weld and fit together every component of your industrial baking oven—a job many have been performing for more than 30 years.

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